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Great British pub (and fish ‘n’ chip shop) favourite. Snack straight from the larder or fridge.

Select your fresh free range eggs. Give them a good boil (about 8 minutes for a large egg). When cooked, drain then run cold water over them until cool (this will stop the grey coating from forming around the yolk). Peel the eggs and leave to dry, then place into your jar before topping with the malt vinegar. Leave for a couple of weeks before you get stuck in.

Try them with different eggs; quail, duck, goose etc. or different vinegars with chilli, dill, coriander, beetroot (with clear vinegar it goes very pink!) or ginger to name a few, there are no rules.

Serves 1 Greedy egg muncher!
Preparation time 20 minutes
Cook time 30 minutes

12 Free-range eggs
1 Jar of pickling vinegar