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Our Pan-served breakfast is served ever Fridays from 10am- 2pm as well as every Saturday11 – 2pm.

Welcome to Nottingham Best Breakfast

Nottingham Brunch

Best Brunch

Pan-served breakfast £8.90
Black pudding, two fried eggs, two back bacon rashers,
two of Andrew Marsden’s handmade sausages,
mushrooms, tomato and fried bread
Go easy on me breakfast £5.90
Fried egg, back bacon rashers, Andrew Marsden’s
handmade sausage, mushrooms, tomato and fried
Egg with soldiers £3.90
Toast & jam £3.00

Scrambled egg or Omelette:
& smoked salmon £4.90
& smoked mackerel £4.90
& back bacon £4.90
& cheese £4.50

Prices correct as of 21.02.04