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For two year now we have hosted a pancake eating competition here at the Wilford Green. This year we had 16 contestants in Nottingham eating and incredible 200 pancakes between them! We were also joined and recorded for Radio 4 (broadcast date to follow)


Some of our toppings

Its was just £5 to enter and you keep ordering pancakes until you cant manage any more. With our toppings table so you can mix it up how ever you like them.

An incredible 19 pancakes were eaten by Simon making him this years winner. He has won a £25 gift voucher to spend with us, When he can face another meal!



Its a nice change to do something a bit different  to our Main menu or Sunday Roast. We are already looking forward to next year to see if Simon can keep his title or if someone going to beat his 19 pancake record.